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Old 11-13-2017, 11:10 AM
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ST Series Update: AMP Recap & WHP Main

Hello everybody!

We had a fun event out at AMP a few weeks ago, but we missed many of you!

I'm hoping to see more of you out at AMP in the future--it's the best track we have here in the Phoenix valley, for sure. The sound restriction is annoying, but even the Mustangs (which normally run 106db) are able to get down to the 96db limit--so don't write this track off!

We ran our "normal" race group on Saturday, and on Sunday we tried out a fun free-for-all format of Australian Pursuit. To not sway season points, the 13 of us in race group agreed to all run as Super Unlimited (which also meant no scales or dyno to fuss over afterwards! ) The other great thing is that with 10+ cars now in-class for the race, those on the podium would be taking home some a pile of contingency rewards!
Make sure not to miss this one when we do it again in 2018--it's a great time!

Saturday Race Winners:
ST2: Drew Wadolny
ST3: Dan Klaudt
ST4: Terry Denton

Sunday Australian Pursuit Race Podium:
1st: Devin Dahn
2nd: Rob Davis
3rd: Norm Hamden

Also--let this email serve as a reminder for our final RACE points event of 2017, this weekend at WHP Main!

This is your last chance to lock in your 2017 regional championships for race group!

Additionally, a 100-minute endurance race is planned for Saturday, which opens up opportunities for winning to not necessarily the fastest car and driver, but the most reliable and consistent car and driver!

Registration link:
Forum thread / discussion:

See you at the track!
Drew Wadolny
NASA AZ ST Series Leader
#41 ST2 Mustang
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