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Old 01-15-2018, 09:22 AM
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Cool NASA AZ: Super Touring 2018 Season

Hello NASA ST Racers!

First--Happy New Year and welcome to our 2018 season.
Our first official event is just a few weeks away with a double-points season opener at Bondurant West! Register for the event here:
As always--the beginning of the year comes with a little homework

In order to make sure everything is in-order before we get to that event, please be sure to take care to ensure that you have arranged to get your car Race Tech certified for 2018.
If needed, Tage and team can perform a race tech inspection at the track--but this must be arranged in advance and if infractions are found that cannot be resolved on-site, you run the risk of sitting the day or the weekend out. My recommendation is to get your tech completed ahead of time!

Flatout Motorworx in Tempe and German Auto in Phoenix are two certified shops for Race Tech.
As in years past, Tage will grant the final tech decal for placement on your car at the track.

NEXT--for SU-ST4 things are generally the same with respect to rules, but the Average HP calculation has changed slightly, requiring use of an updated Dyno Certification Form compared to 2016 and 2017, and as usual, a fresh classing sheet will be required.
Both of those forms have been updated within the last week and can be downloaded from the link below.

When you have your completed Dyno Certification Form, you will upload a scan of the form, including the 50-RPM increment tabular printout of your best dyno run and a the graph of the run to your classification form using the button at the bottom of the classification form page.

Once completed, you can preview and print your completed worksheet, and scan/send a copy to myself at and Jeff Abrams (NASA AZ Classing/Compliance) at

Also, new for 2018 is the ST5 class. There has been a bunch of discussion regarding this class already on ( , and as well on the National ST subforum ( If you are interested in running ST5, I suggest you read up on the threads posted in these locations. Also if you have any questions regarding ST5, please let me know so we can get you sorted out.

It is preferred to receive these forms via email ahead of your first event, but at latest you can submit hard copies to me at the track prior to your first Qualifying session. If this timing is not possible for you, you always have the option to run Super Unlimited (Race Tech still mandatory) until you have a chance to get all the required info updated.

If you have any questions, please let me know this week and I will help you get sorted out as fast as possible so you can focus on showing up to the track and RACING!

Thank you and LET'S RACE!
Drew Wadolny
NASA AZ ST Series Leader
#41 ST2 Mustang
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