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Business IT support


I run an IT company called Reliable IT Solutions. I provide professional business IT support. I know some of you own your own business and some of you are probably sick of the crappy IT you have at work.

I have been doing IT for close to 20 years now. I'm professionally trained and Microsoft certified in Network Engineering and Design, Virtualization, Server Administration, Desktop support, ect. I can design & build a network from the ground up, I also work along side existing onsite IT. Also experienced in Network Security and can train staff in how to avoid the vicious phising scams out there which ends up costing companies tons of money in lost productivity, & repairs.

The company provides Managed Services as well as Cloud Solutions such as Office 365 and cloud backups. I focus very hard on being proactive not reactive to issues. In a nut shell I have had a long history of just making things work.

If you guys want to talk more let me know. Would love to work with some NASA guys.

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