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10-11, 09:01 SHOboy
^^That's interesting.
10-11, 06:01 BlueTeg
As a group the HC guys were faster going CW on our first weekend running that config vs. the hundreds of other laps we've run going CCW.
09-11, 19:47 wmfateam
I ran the same time as I do, if not faster this weekend.
09-11, 17:43 IntegraLS
i was 1.1 seconds slower off my PB, but on 58+ heat cycle hoosiers... so probably alot more potential there for me lol!
09-11, 17:14 Arca_ex
I was .4 off my CCW time, but LSD was not very cooperative. Probably could have matched my CCW time if it weren't for that.
09-11, 16:36 jroc
I was only .2 off my personal best I'd say just as fast, if not faster.
09-11, 15:30 SHOboy
Was it slower or faster backwards? I was a little slower, but there's definitely more time to be had.
09-11, 14:15 IntegraLS
totally different track with new challenges
09-11, 14:15 IntegraLS
It was awesome
09-11, 12:40 wmfateam
The hotter it got the funner it was. Drifting the CCW 1 and 2 was a blast.
09-11, 12:33 ArizonaGT
It was fun!
09-11, 08:01 ILIKETODRIVE
Looked like loads of fun...and would actually draw me out to Fireturd lol...
08-11, 19:30 IntegraLS
indeed. i'd love to see that on the schedule regularly
08-11, 18:04 SHOboy
I think WHPW backwards was a success. Awesome weekend.
07-11, 08:04 ILIKETODRIVE
07-11, 04:37 Duck911
New proposed ST3 rules posted in nasaforums
06-11, 14:09 BlueTeg
Attn: Scottsdale and N Phoenix NASA peeps driving to the track this afternoon to set up. The Loop 101 southbound is a parking lot starting from Shea Boulevard all the way down to Thomas Road. I would recommend taking Scottsdale Road or Hayden we're just waiting on till this evening
05-11, 21:11 IntegraLS
i have a buncha hondas?
05-11, 07:36 SHOboy
I don't even have a lawn.
04-11, 22:48 IntegraLS
what a tease
04-11, 19:51 J Richard
04-11, 19:50 J Richard
Awesome new az racetrack...
04-11, 08:32 ILIKETODRIVE
GTS guyz:
31-10, 09:47 tjyak50
30-10, 01:59 IntegraLS


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