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20-08, 18:28 SHOboy
Ya never know until ya get there.
20-08, 18:26 ILIKETODRIVE
Next year AZ HC should figure a way to get every HC2 car from here there (if it's at MMP) and double the numbers lol.
20-08, 18:25 ILIKETODRIVE
"11" in HC2 but everyone keeps saying only 9 will show/run.
20-08, 18:24 ILIKETODRIVE
Except in HC1. 2 entries.
19-08, 23:40 SHOboy
Firebird progress:
19-08, 12:50 SHOboy
Looks like there'll be decent competition at Nationals.
19-08, 12:50 SHOboy
18-08, 21:56 MelanomaMan
Danny's is still open by me...Uncle Sam's not so lucky
17-08, 13:41 tjyak50
Feds raid / shutdown Dannys Car Wash.
16-08, 17:28 Arca_ex
What Robert said!
16-08, 10:20 Robert
Any word on that new schedule?
15-08, 12:29 SHOboy
What'd be even funnier is if the knockoffs were better than what Rota makes.
15-08, 12:28 SHOboy
lulz...yeah, I still like the idea that they're acknowledging copying the wheels isn't the issue, it's just the TMs and copyrights.
15-08, 10:44 BlueTeg
mind = blown
15-08, 10:43 BlueTeg
LOL at the Rota counterfeits. It's like the movie Inception, but with wheels for imports. A dream, within a dream, within a dream!!
15-08, 08:03 AZ R3
It's not like Rota is cutting into Volk's market share. Most people who buy Rotas either get them to destroy on the track or couldn't afford Volk/Work/etc in the first place
15-08, 01:18 trd88noz
Simon, TL? or base model civic? or CRV maybe? lol
14-08, 21:24 SHOboy
So copying is okay, but the TM/copyright infringement has them upset.
14-08, 21:22 SHOboy
The fake ones say "Rota" in the casting and the logo in the center cap.
14-08, 21:22 SHOboy
Yeah, it's mostly copyright/trademark infringement.
14-08, 21:21 SHOboy
The real ones don't say "Rota" on them.
14-08, 21:21 SHOboy
The weird part is that the way to tell it's a fake is that says "Rota" in the casting.
14-08, 19:35 Arca_ex
The company is selling them with Rota emblems on them. It would be like the equivalent of Rota selling wheels with Volk emblems and badging. Kind of apples and oranges.
14-08, 18:26 ILIKETODRIVE
14-08, 18:26 ILIKETODRIVE
Rota released some sort of statement about being aware of fake wheels and not using them. There is only one legitimate response to that:


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