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25-01, 11:25 jeffm5150
try logging in with another machine and see what happens - if you get logged out in 10 mins again then it's the server, if you don't then it's your first workstation.
24-01, 15:19 SHOboy
You don't trust the Keebler elves? Me neither. Shifty little bastards.
24-01, 11:52 tjyak50
Requires fresh credentials. Prolly something with my cookie-phobia
24-01, 10:58 SHOboy
Actually logs you out or just requires a refresh?
24-01, 10:53 tjyak50
The Forum logs me out after like 10 minutes. Wonder if that is a setting on my side or the forum side?
23-01, 19:02 Leland
fodds has a BIG show room.
23-01, 19:00 Leland
got my shoes and net recently from vicki race safe store for the chandler area, foddrill motorsports is more off road(me and my car fit right in) oriented has a lot too for the west side.
23-01, 16:08 Arca_ex
If you email snail Taylor he can usually get some killer prices on equipment.
23-01, 15:44 SHOboy
Online. Lots of vendors to choose from.
23-01, 15:31 EK98
Desert rat off rural and 60 has some race supplies in store and can order from tucson. There is a Simpson only place on 36th st and Broadway as well that has hans, suits and harnesses
23-01, 14:54 jcasto93
what is the best place for buying safety? seats, harnesses, suits.
22-01, 21:46 SONIC1
Take it to Barrett Jackson
22-01, 21:39 EK98
Would make a fun SU or TA platform for sure though.
22-01, 21:19 SHOboy
I just saw that car yesterday. Pretty cool.
22-01, 20:17 EK98
I wonder how long that thing will sit at Ksport lol
22-01, 18:53 Arca_ex
This would be a pretty gangster project.
22-01, 15:32 AZElise
Good one Eric
22-01, 13:56 Arca_ex
Don't get too excited there's no beer on the corner stations lol...
22-01, 13:20 tjyak50
I would be interested in doing a corner, or at the very least sitting in on a few sessions to know what is going on. Sounds like fun, free beer, good vantage point.. whats not to like?
22-01, 12:46 SHOboy
. -> ?
22-01, 12:46 SHOboy
My extinguisher has no clothes at all. Is that bad.
22-01, 12:35 AZElise
The training was for my job not through NASA btw
22-01, 12:34 AZElise
Keep in mind I did annual training fighting a real fire with small extinguishers in plain clothes.
22-01, 12:31 AZElise
I corner worked for a few years. Great experience. I always figured that if I could stay in a protected area I would fight the fire with the one extinguisher we had.
22-01, 12:12 jroc
But yea...we don't have fire suits..the way I take it as you're more than welcome to stop at a station but we should probably stay on corner to warn drivers. You can come run and grab the extinguisher from me. Sorry to be blunt. Ramin wanna touch on this?


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