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16-04, 18:30 fifth
16-04, 16:58 PhoenixR
nevermind...found them
16-04, 16:54 PhoenixR
i need to send them in for tire contin.
16-04, 16:54 PhoenixR
does anybody know where i can find the official results from the march event?
16-04, 14:48 SHOboy
16-04, 13:59 Maj.Malfunction
quick right then left handers. He was in the fence wide right of the left hander.
16-04, 13:59 Maj.Malfunction
it was right after concrete canyon on the right
16-04, 13:55 sks
it came loose on that turn
16-04, 13:55 sks
there is a small straight then a right
16-04, 13:54 sks
in the back - after the sharp left and right after the carousel
16-04, 13:54 BlueTeg
16-04, 13:54 BlueTeg
which fence did you hit?
16-04, 13:53 sks
my wallet isn't proud either
16-04, 13:53 sks
i'm not proud. i should be ashamed.
16-04, 13:15 topramn
your pretty proud of that fence incident arent you?
16-04, 12:11 sks
yes. better than the fence taking out the car
16-04, 12:05 DEtobe
im pretty sure the poster of the fence message was the one who took part in the fence punishment
16-04, 12:02 SHOboy
Doh...did somebody take out a fence?
16-04, 12:00 sks
Fences were demolished
16-04, 11:58 phoenixR34
if everything was up by the 12th, then how would NASA be in your life from the 13th to May 2nd?!
16-04, 11:58 phoenixR34
plus, if you space the content out a bit, it makes NASA Arizona last all month!
16-04, 11:57 Kinetic
^^^^^ Event recap ^^^^^
16-04, 11:57 SHOboy
Tire walls were punished.
16-04, 11:56 Kinetic
It was cold, it rained, people spun, people went home
16-04, 11:56 SHOboy
We've descended to smack talk on writing skills...


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