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10-11, 16:43 SHOboy
And, yeah, the bumps at the end of the straight were...challenging.
10-11, 16:42 SHOboy
FWD is its own penalty.
10-11, 16:31 tjyak50
Need a FWD penalty in the rules now.
10-11, 16:15 ArizonaGT
It was fun. Certainly a little more challenging with the bumps etc. going this way.
10-11, 13:24 IntegraLS
Like I told tage, add that to the schedule yearly. Such an awesome track in reverse config!
10-11, 11:52 Vtecracer
we ran a 105.77x in practice and qualify this direction which is pretty much on point or faster than CCW direction in the HC car
10-11, 10:54 BlueTeg
In general if you look at the FWD cars' times from this past weekend they were all relatively faster compared to where those FWD competitors finish normally vs. the other RWD competitors.
10-11, 10:01 SHOboy
^^That's interesting.
10-11, 07:01 BlueTeg
As a group the HC guys were faster going CW on our first weekend running that config vs. the hundreds of other laps we've run going CCW.
09-11, 20:47 wmfateam
I ran the same time as I do, if not faster this weekend.
09-11, 18:43 IntegraLS
i was 1.1 seconds slower off my PB, but on 58+ heat cycle hoosiers... so probably alot more potential there for me lol!
09-11, 18:14 Arca_ex
I was .4 off my CCW time, but LSD was not very cooperative. Probably could have matched my CCW time if it weren't for that.
09-11, 17:36 jroc
I was only .2 off my personal best I'd say just as fast, if not faster.
09-11, 16:30 SHOboy
Was it slower or faster backwards? I was a little slower, but there's definitely more time to be had.
09-11, 15:15 IntegraLS
totally different track with new challenges
09-11, 15:15 IntegraLS
It was awesome
09-11, 13:40 wmfateam
The hotter it got the funner it was. Drifting the CCW 1 and 2 was a blast.
09-11, 13:33 ArizonaGT
It was fun!
09-11, 09:01 ILIKETODRIVE
Looked like loads of fun...and would actually draw me out to Fireturd lol...
08-11, 20:30 IntegraLS
indeed. i'd love to see that on the schedule regularly
08-11, 19:04 SHOboy
I think WHPW backwards was a success. Awesome weekend.
07-11, 09:04 ILIKETODRIVE
07-11, 05:37 Duck911
New proposed ST3 rules posted in nasaforums
06-11, 15:09 BlueTeg
Attn: Scottsdale and N Phoenix NASA peeps driving to the track this afternoon to set up. The Loop 101 southbound is a parking lot starting from Shea Boulevard all the way down to Thomas Road. I would recommend taking Scottsdale Road or Hayden we're just waiting on till this evening
05-11, 22:11 IntegraLS
i have a buncha hondas?


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