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20-12, 13:08 Robert
14-12, 10:28 Tage
2018 schedule updated again! *ADDED* an event in May...
12-12, 12:23 SHOboy
Time Trial standings have been updated.
11-12, 15:31 SHOboy
Congrats to Team Schotz and Chris Waggoner.
11-12, 15:30 SHOboy
Time Trial Track records have been updated. Two new records at AMP CW.
03-11, 14:21 SHOboy
Time Trial results and Track Records have been updated.
19-10, 16:48 Tage
2018 Schedule updated...
15-09, 14:51 SHOboy
Time Trial standings have been updated with WHPW results.
06-06, 17:52 Sboxin
Looks good Eric . . . thanks
05-06, 10:11 SHOboy
An astute competitor noticed that some of the accumulated TT points standings got scrambled in the last update. I think I have it all fixed now, but please double check your points.
04-06, 18:05 SHOboy
04-06, 18:05 SHOboy
Time Trial Standings are updated with ACS and WHPE results.
15-05, 13:43 Car 26 & 66
Anyone have room for my race tires who is going to Auto Club this weekend?
15-05, 13:06 Duck911
Marty and Dennis ran sunday
13-05, 18:27 MazdaManiac
13-05, 18:27 MazdaManiac
13-05, 18:27 MazdaManiac
Marty and Steve ran on Saturday and that's it...
13-05, 18:26 MazdaManiac
No one ran GTS on Sunday.
13-05, 18:26 MazdaManiac
There are GTS points for Main. Just on Saturday.
09-05, 22:01 Azonie
Why are there no points shown for GTS at Main on 1/29?
01-05, 14:55 MazdaManiac
RACE Standings and Track Record are updated.
27-04, 11:05 SHOboy
TT Standings and Track Records are updated.
18-04, 13:30 Robert
18-04, 12:39 yosshaa
Considering it strongly... i think i need to do the rod bearings on the m but i would love to put it through its paces at AMP. maybe come fall
14-04, 15:59 The Missus
Someone coming out of retirement?


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