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17-12, 08:06 ILIKETODRIVE
Lol. BUT...ST expanding and PT being shuffled out...NASA mystery Jedi council dictates direction of GTS over the past two years...almost like National is saying 'leave your Bimmer nearly stock for SpecE30/Spec3/Spec46 or join the Dark Side...*Vader breathing*
16-12, 07:52 ILIKETODRIVE
16-12, 07:50 ILIKETODRIVE
And with ST looking to expand and eliminate PT...
15-12, 11:45 ILIKETODRIVE
"After revisiting the posted ratios the committee decided to lower the TQ factors for GTS 1 and 2 down to .25 from .5, considering the impact of the higher ratios in lower classes and changed the wording to 'only when TQ is even or higher than HP'. Calculator will be updated soon."
15-12, 10:50 ILIKETODRIVE
GTS moving to ST:
14-12, 15:29 ILIKETODRIVE
03-12, 15:41 ILIKETODRIVE
30-11, 08:45 ILIKETODRIVE
30-11, 08:44 ILIKETODRIVE
20-11, 12:57 ILIKETODRIVE
Probably something about single cams or no VTEC
20-11, 12:57 ILIKETODRIVE
Me either haha
20-11, 11:56 ILIKETODRIVE
I haven't been there in 5+ years
20-11, 11:56 ILIKETODRIVE
20-11, 11:08 ILIKETODRIVE
Probably have to wait for approval'
11-11, 13:38 ILIKETODRIVE
That thing is SWEET!
09-11, 09:01 ILIKETODRIVE
Looked like loads of fun...and would actually draw me out to Fireturd lol...
07-11, 09:04 ILIKETODRIVE
04-11, 09:32 ILIKETODRIVE
GTS guyz:
28-10, 18:03 ILIKETODRIVE
23-10, 10:38 ILIKETODRIVE
Batting cage?
02-10, 10:05 ILIKETODRIVE
Me, personally; I would rather just do an open fun track day at COTA than pay for an inflated Nationals visit. I just want to drive it. I don't want to profusely bleed cash to do it.
02-10, 10:04 ILIKETODRIVE
Honesty doesn't = @-hole
30-09, 16:40 ILIKETODRIVE
*cough* IIRC SCCA was in the neighborhood of $1000+ for a normal type of weekend at COTA *cough*
30-09, 11:03 ILIKETODRIVE
I think NASA broached the subject when COTA was newer. Money and logistics were large negative aspects...


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