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13-05, 18:27 MazdaManiac
13-05, 18:27 MazdaManiac
13-05, 18:27 MazdaManiac
Marty and Steve ran on Saturday and that's it...
13-05, 18:26 MazdaManiac
No one ran GTS on Sunday.
13-05, 18:26 MazdaManiac
There are GTS points for Main. Just on Saturday.
01-05, 14:55 MazdaManiac
RACE Standings and Track Record are updated.
21-03, 22:00 MazdaManiac
19-03, 10:04 MazdaManiac
Race Group and Time Trial standings, event results and track records are all posted on our site ( under the menu item "RESULTS".
26-09, 20:53 MazdaManiac
Definitely a step backwards from Laguna.
26-09, 20:53 MazdaManiac
26-09, 20:53 MazdaManiac
Buttonwillow as a FACILITY?
26-09, 20:53 MazdaManiac
Pretty cool.
26-09, 20:53 MazdaManiac
Buttonwillow as a TRACK?
23-09, 09:35 MazdaManiac
Heads will roll....
23-09, 09:35 MazdaManiac
Results are posted. Sorry it took so long *Somebody* deleted all of the individual session results so I couldn't create a merged result.
14-01, 18:40 MazdaManiac
If your vehicle is dyno-reclassed, that reclass letter as well as the dyno plot from an approved shop must be included along with your classing forms.
If the re-classing letter is older than November 1st, 2013, you must submit for a new dyno reclass from the National TT, PT, & ST Director (
14-01, 18:39 MazdaManiac
Your new classing sheet must be in your possession before the start of competition. Please complete the appropriate form and keep one copy with the vehicle and give one copy to either Jeremy Renshaw, Eric Jacobsen or Paul Bloomberg before you show up at the morning driver's meeting at your next event.
14-01, 18:39 MazdaManiac
download the CCRs, appropriate rules for your class and the classing sheet for your class
14-01, 18:38 MazdaManiac
14-01, 18:38 MazdaManiac
The TT sheet is available:
14-01, 18:38 MazdaManiac
No - do NOT use the PT sheet for TT.
24-03, 11:16 MazdaManiac
Who is writing the recap these days? Whoever it is, they are clearly a fan of race group - and barely seem to notice that there are other things going on!
24-03, 11:14 MazdaManiac
Its back...
24-03, 10:51 MazdaManiac
Forum is down?
18-03, 00:21 MazdaManiac
By "real" I mean the ones that actually count.


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