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18-04, 12:39 yosshaa
Considering it strongly... i think i need to do the rod bearings on the m but i would love to put it through its paces at AMP. maybe come fall
05-04, 17:36 yosshaa
TT too?
05-04, 17:12 yosshaa
Are SA2000 helmets still good to use in HPDE?
01-08, 16:46 yosshaa
01-08, 16:46 yosshaa
16-07, 23:42 yosshaa
Wow I'm still top 5 on shout box message count
28-03, 11:23 yosshaa
28-03, 11:23 yosshaa
avoid crashing like this le mans vette
02-09, 22:55 yosshaa
3 day weekend....its time for some beers and dudes in speedos
03-08, 17:28 yosshaa
anybody have any 235/40/18's for sale?
27-07, 14:37 yosshaa
takata is for people with too much money
27-07, 14:36 yosshaa
Schroth is for overpriced eurotrash bmw's P
27-07, 14:36 yosshaa
Crow belts are great
20-07, 11:06 yosshaa
17-07, 15:35 yosshaa
good call eric
17-07, 15:35 yosshaa
17-07, 14:57 yosshaa
17-07, 14:57 yosshaa
10-07, 16:18 yosshaa
anybody here insulate their metal garage doors? any thoughts on thickness need or effectiveness of cooling the garage down?
10-07, 10:55 yosshaa
What do people do in New Mexico? Besides Meth
10-07, 10:55 yosshaa
Gaybe: you're correct when I'm in s.f. I eat great food, go to Giants games, and visit family.... Ken Block just drives the hell out of the city. Most of the time I'm on BART or in a cab.... not driving the hell our of anything.
09-07, 14:36 yosshaa
Jump Drift FTW!!
09-07, 10:43 yosshaa
Ken Block uses San Francisco as his personal playground.
09-07, 10:42 yosshaa
26-03, 22:04 yosshaa
... bee hive of activity here.


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