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15-05, 13:06 Duck911
Marty and Dennis ran sunday
19-01, 09:13 Duck911
Are Race Results official yet?
03-12, 13:46 Duck911
Wow. Class killer rules there for some.
07-11, 05:37 Duck911
New proposed ST3 rules posted in nasaforums
26-10, 17:56 Duck911
We'll start calling you the Pied Piper TJ
25-10, 09:28 Duck911
I wonder if they will do anything with the aero modifier. also going to a bigger mod factor for sequential trans.
25-10, 08:59 Duck911
ST3/TT3 class rules changing, and slight Tire mod change
04-10, 17:21 Duck911
I want to go to Watkins Glen and hope to figure that out. Good perspective on COTA too. I just want to go to Austin for the music and the BBQ��
02-10, 10:03 Duck911
LOL! I can be such an @-hole sometimes.
01-10, 10:52 Duck911
If you want to play at a world class F1 facility in a destination city like COTA you have to pay. BW may be fun to drive, but that's about it.
22-04, 18:53 Duck911
Good for 1 second/lap. Haha.
20-04, 14:12 Duck911
erik911 at cox dot net
24-01, 08:35 Duck911
Double check formulas in TT3.
31-01, 17:13 Duck911
Or on the x-fire?
31-01, 17:13 Duck911
Justin-GTS? ST? TT? Slicks on the old bimmer or the newer bimmer?
09-01, 21:33 Duck911
How about posting a reg list at least for race/TT entries? See who's sandbagging their classing sheets. (Directors?).
19-12, 08:17 Duck911
Brian..can't take full credit. Was a team effort. Team RBR in the house.
18-12, 12:29 Duck911
Rule Change for Rear Engine Location: This Modification factor applies only to vehicles with engines that are behind the rear axle, with model years from 1999 to present, and with the listed Minimum Competition Weight. Vehicles with rear engine location that are from prior to 1999, or weigh more than 2900 lbs or already take the Modification Factor assessment for Non-Production vehicle are not assessed a Modification Factor for Rear Engine Location.
16-12, 11:26 Duck911
Yep. I get to have another 3 hp. Woohoo.
15-12, 08:09 Duck911
Brian once again on the negative end of rules changes with the Porsche tax. Maybe they will revisit that??
15-12, 08:07 Duck911
I don't get the rear engine penalty, but the big penalty for low wt. was reduced and somehow I benefitted by .1 pts even after the 911 tax? Jeremy...losing out on his new exhaust mods (BMW tax?).
14-11, 21:16 Duck911
That is real driving. My hands are sweaty.
25-10, 07:18 Duck911 pit toys? Razr crazy carts?
16-05, 20:38 Duck911
I don't know...TT3 guys dominated TT2 last event. Drop that hp way down and run with the slow crowd.
11-12, 21:55 Duck911


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