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07-04, 11:23 BlueTeg
05-04, 17:35 BlueTeg
10-08, 22:12 BlueTeg
10-06, 17:32 BlueTeg
Derp. standings != points
10-06, 11:00 BlueTeg
I don't see them on the NASA natl site or the NASA TT site.
21-04, 18:13 BlueTeg
Donde Esta?.....
21-04, 18:13 BlueTeg
Official Race Results......
21-04, 18:13 BlueTeg
09-03, 15:23 BlueTeg
07-03, 10:56 BlueTeg
You mean the door bar that is held in with a single nut/bolt on either side?
07-03, 08:46 BlueTeg
hahaha, unreal. JDM fanboys will buy ANYTHING with a label on it.
07-03, 08:45 BlueTeg
Mugen window net, only $350
22-02, 15:00 BlueTeg
Paul: email me dude...
17-12, 00:33 BlueTeg
16-12, 23:17 BlueTeg
No need for me to "read it again". We all have to read it over and over and over again when you remind us all every other week that NASA has soooo many classes and the car counts are soooo diluted. :: fart ::
16-12, 16:11 BlueTeg
??? This is about the guys in GTS getting pissed off about the new rules, not the number of classes NASA offers their members.
14-12, 17:28 BlueTeg
LOL, speaking of farts, GTS rules get re-released! haha
03-12, 16:43 BlueTeg
so anger. much exodus. wow
03-12, 15:59 BlueTeg
yikes. Not one single guy in favor of the rules....not good for a series.
10-11, 10:54 BlueTeg
In general if you look at the FWD cars' times from this past weekend they were all relatively faster compared to where those FWD competitors finish normally vs. the other RWD competitors.
10-11, 07:01 BlueTeg
As a group the HC guys were faster going CW on our first weekend running that config vs. the hundreds of other laps we've run going CCW.
06-11, 15:09 BlueTeg
Attn: Scottsdale and N Phoenix NASA peeps driving to the track this afternoon to set up. The Loop 101 southbound is a parking lot starting from Shea Boulevard all the way down to Thomas Road. I would recommend taking Scottsdale Road or Hayden we're just waiting on till this evening
28-10, 14:39 BlueTeg
Sick!! that was a good price
27-10, 00:21 BlueTeg
Tom: your friend bought that trailer Jeremy linked??
23-09, 13:58 BlueTeg
Thanks Obama


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