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26-01, 14:17 topramn
Wild Horse Pass is what I heard but haven't seen an official location named yet.
23-10, 15:44 topramn
Eric has had his signature updated. LOL
23-10, 15:32 topramn
This is news to me...
23-10, 15:32 topramn
OOOHHH.... They have new nicknames?
08-10, 11:10 topramn
It isn't that bad.
06-10, 14:33 topramn
If you go to Austin for bbq, check out iron works and donns bbq
23-04, 15:57 topramn
Any improved fuel mileage with it?
19-04, 22:25 topramn
And finally, June morning event registration is open!
19-04, 22:24 topramn
Also, check out the thread about Cal Speedway if you are going. Looks like we have about 10 or so going.
19-04, 22:23 topramn
Update your NASA Membership profiles! See the thread post for an awesome tutorial from Jeff!
10-04, 15:40 topramn
08-04, 15:24 topramn
I also included that reminder on the info in the forum post.
19-08, 11:37 topramn
flying through the air isnt quite my thing so i vote for city slide. i wonder how thick the padding under the slide is.
19-08, 11:36 topramn
old horse trailer converted maybe? pretty cool.
12-03, 21:15 topramn
29-01, 20:49 topramn
14-01, 19:54 topramn
07-10, 11:51 topramn
is it Saturday yet?!
02-07, 20:01 topramn
Maybe try emailing Adina. She would have a better idea than probably anyone else.
02-07, 20:01 topramn
15-05, 20:32 topramn
or, desert I guess would be more appropriate.
15-05, 20:32 topramn
But NASA AZ is up and that is all that really matters in our neck of the woods.
10-04, 08:55 topramn
Let's not create more panics Jay.
01-04, 22:22 topramn
^^^ THIS!!!
08-02, 19:34 topramn
Cool. I would have to double check to make sure. I know one of the cars has its windows. Not sure on the other.


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