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14-12, 10:28 Tage
2018 schedule updated again! *ADDED* an event in May...
19-10, 16:48 Tage
2018 Schedule updated...
06-01, 10:26 Tage
14-11, 12:56 Tage
26-07, 17:04 Tage
2014 Schedule is in the works and we should have a tentative schedule to share by next week!
12-04, 14:44 Tage
Not super late. I am going to say 6pm.
06-02, 17:19 Tage
19-12, 23:46 Tage
09-09, 18:29 Tage
hopefully Kent can pull data from the the car showing track position and braking G's? I swear I braked early and didn't even hit the brakes hard either??? So frusterating!!!
09-07, 23:26 Tage
09-07, 13:34 Tage
can't figure out if the best part was "the jump", or flying through the air sideways or???
09-07, 13:34 Tage
definitely the sickest one yet!
17-03, 23:33 Tage
/\ Jeremy Renshaw going "off track". LOL!
17-03, 23:33 Tage
23-02, 21:52 Tage
$100 for 3 of the tires or $105 for 2 of them.
23-02, 15:26 Tage
I have three 255/40-18 if that helps
14-02, 22:39 Tage
with the "other driver"...
14-02, 12:05 Tage
23-01, 09:20 Tage
Awesome!!! I'll put that on the Gator!
19-01, 11:18 Tage
I recall Chad saying the same thing about his cup car though. Something like an $8K rebuild ever 30 hours!
19-01, 10:31 Tage
More Radicals would be awesome! It's lonely having such an overdawg car. Rick, it would be cheaper than your cup car too!
19-01, 09:32 Tage
Badical video!
07-03, 20:43 Tage
horrendous = a 17HP golf cart with positive camber, loose wheel bearings and tires designed for a wheelbarrow
07-03, 15:30 Tage
Yes that Fiat was the most horrendous vehicle I have ever driven, but it was still EPIC!!!
28-02, 08:33 Tage
No, just have it welded in place and avoid any headaches down the road


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