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14-04, 15:59 The Missus
Someone coming out of retirement?
21-02, 14:38 The Missus
Hawk Stickers have arrived. See me in registration in March if you still need them.
11-11, 12:58 The Missus
Many of you need November to hit that .
11-11, 12:58 The Missus
Remember if you are driving for season points in TT and Race you need to do at least 50% of the events.
20-09, 14:50 The Missus
20-09, 14:49 The Missus
October 22
15-09, 14:00 The Missus
Enduro Pre-Reg is open for November event.
11-02, 11:46 The Missus
Paddock course
10-02, 13:58 The Missus
If you have an RC car bring it to Chuckwalla. Jerron is going to set up a mini course on Saturday night.
08-12, 14:35 The Missus
Registration is open for Jan. $20 off use code WHPv1. Good through Sunday.
04-12, 14:08 The Missus
I've reopened registration for Crew Passes. If any of you have a friend/family who wants to come to AMP tomorrow you can purchase one now for $25. It will close at 8pm tonight or when I sell them all. Remember you must be on the list to enter the facility.
04-12, 07:03 The Missus
GTS rules are going to be modified over the next few days. Don't panic about what was released yesterday.
09-04, 14:11 The Missus
Believe I know Leland. It costs a car payment to board my dogs for the weekend.
08-04, 11:08 The Missus
Just a friendly reminder no pets are allowed at WHP
11-02, 15:17 The Missus
We just use painters tape any 3 digit number that starts with #1 is fine
10-02, 15:14 The Missus type=1
10-02, 15:14 The Missus
I posted the pictures I took this weekend on FB
10-02, 13:45 The Missus
I just approved several let me know if you still have issues
05-01, 12:12 The Missus
05-01, 12:12 The Missus
Not Scottsdale but Chris @ Elite Automotive is amazing
03-11, 12:48 The Missus
03-11, 12:48 The Missus
Please take a second to vote on the date for our Christmas banquet on our FB page
09-10, 17:15 The Missus
Late July so it should affect any AZ days either!
02-09, 14:43 The Missus
Great job Hal! I expected nothing less from the Schotz Team!
16-01, 21:20 The Missus
Well that escalated quickly LOL


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