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15-09, 13:51 SHOboy
Time Trial standings have been updated with WHPW results.
05-06, 09:11 SHOboy
An astute competitor noticed that some of the accumulated TT points standings got scrambled in the last update. I think I have it all fixed now, but please double check your points.
04-06, 17:05 SHOboy
04-06, 17:05 SHOboy
Time Trial Standings are updated with ACS and WHPE results.
27-04, 10:05 SHOboy
TT Standings and Track Records are updated.
23-03, 18:17 SHOboy
BTW, TT records are updated with WHPE results.
22-03, 09:33 SHOboy
I need to check the chatbox more often...
14-03, 16:51 SHOboy
14-03, 16:50 SHOboy
Time Trial Standings are updated.
09-03, 09:33 SHOboy
09-03, 09:33 SHOboy
TT Standings are updated.
13-12, 22:50 SHOboy
Holiday vid:
06-11, 11:10 SHOboy
06-11, 11:10 SHOboy
TT Standings are updated with WCC results.
01-10, 09:52 SHOboy
Or here in the provisional section:
01-10, 09:51 SHOboy
10-06, 21:10 SHOboy
And I just updated the standings for some corrections...should be better now.
10-06, 11:34 SHOboy
10-06, 11:33 SHOboy
Right now the only place to get standings is on the legacy site:
09-06, 11:39 SHOboy
TT standings are updated w/Autoclub and WHPE results.
28-04, 13:44 SHOboy
Dammit. Clickable:
28-04, 13:43 SHOboy
Reminds me of this one:
19-04, 09:53 SHOboy
TT Results are up, standings are updated.
07-03, 10:33 SHOboy
Yeah, that one. Looks like it'll make it tough to get that CD out of the door pocket, too.
07-03, 09:44 SHOboy
I especially like that the car in the pic has the net mounted to the door even though it has a cage with a door bar.


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