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12-14-2010 until 01-14-2029
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Forum Rules! Please read. Rules will be enforced.

1) Use a work safe user name. Users with inappropriate names will be blocked from the site until a suitable name has been chosen and upgraded.

2) Identify yourself in user name or signature. Many of us have interesting nicknames/handles/user names on the forum that sometime make it confusing for us to identify each other while others have made it very easy. In efforts to help build relationships online as well as at the track, we would like to see your names in your signatures.

Not so internet savvy in how to get this done? Here is some instructions.
Click here: Then add whatever details you would like, then scroll down and click save and you are all set.
If you aren't comfortable with throwing your last name out there due to search engines and such, you can simply use your last initial or do as some others have and put a space between each letter. If you are using just the last initial, maybe throw your car type below your name to make sure we don't confuse you with another person who might have the same name as you. This especially goes for the Travis B's, that are both in TT now, only because you are the only two people I can think of with the same first name and last initial.

3) If you have nothing nice or productive to say, keep it to yourself. We are all supposed to be friends here so there should be no reason to start problems.

4) Humor is welcomed and encouraged but please be sure that the humor you use is in good tastes and not likely to offend anyone.

5) No posting in the classifieds until you have introduced yourself. This forum is not designed to be a free for all classifieds section. That is what craigslist and ebay are designed for. If you have something to post, at least be a member of our friendly racing community.

6) No links to other organizations events or websites. (BMWCCA and PCA-Arizona are the only exceptions as we work with them for events from time to time.)

Thanks everybody!
Ramin Shute-Mahini
Event Director

NASA AZ is looking for track workers. Please contact me if interested. Good way to get involved before driving if you are "prepping" a car.

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